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Announcement on the Registration for International Competition for the Urban Design of Shantou Station Passenger Terminal and Surrounding Area
  • 2019-09-05 21:58
  • 来源: 汕头市自然资源局(海洋局)
  • 发布机构:汕头市自然资源局(海洋局)
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I. Project Context


Shantou City is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province and at the junction of the Tropic of Cancer and south China coastline. It is a well-known hometown for overseas Chinese, a national special economic zone, a key port city along the southeast coast, and a central city at the south wing of the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Straits. The city has long been acclaimed as the hub of south China, the gateway of east Lingnan, a culturally prosperous coastal region and a century-old commercial port.


Shantou Station Passenger Terminal and Surrounding Area (the Project) serves as an important functional zone for Santou’s current development, as well as a key area showcasing the distinguishing landscape features of Shantou. With the introduction of Guangzhou-Shanwei High-speed Railway, the Station is expected to be a comprehensive transportation hub integrating multiple transportation means such as high-speed railway, general speed railway, inter-city railway, urban rail transit and transfer services.


The International Competition for the Urban Design of Shantou Station Passenger Terminal and Surrounding Area (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) should operate from higher standard and higher starting point and be  organized to make the Project a concentrated showcase of the City’s important landscape image and modern cityscape and a image representative of the central cities in East Guangdong Province.


II. Competition Scope and Contents


The planning scope involves two levels: the overall urban design scope of the hub area; the key urban design of the hub area (Please refer to Planning Scope for details).


(I) Overall urban design of the hub area


1. Design scope: the extension of the key urban design scope of the hub area, bounded on the east by the east coast (west bank of Xinjin River), on the west by Huang Shan Lu, on the south by Zhong Shan Dong Lu, and on the north by Chang Jiang Lu, with a total land area of about 7.7 sqkm.


2. Design contents: Work out and connect the overall development positioning, space and land layout, integrated traffic planning, public facilities arrangement, open space planning and construction / renewal sequence of the area within the overall urban design scope. Highlight the coordination and integration of the hub area and surrounding elements. Establish composite and diverse urban spaces. Offer all-round and systematic guidance to the subsequent refinement of the regulatory detailed plan, the development of the constructive detailed plan, the design of important landmark buildings, and the landscape design of open public spaces of the Project.


3. Detailing level: Conduct the urban design at the level of the regulatory detailed plan level.


(II) Key urban design of the hub area


1. Design scope: Shantou Station and surrounding area, bounded on the east by Shenyang – Haikou Expressway, to the west by the west of Tai Shan Nan Lu (about 80m away), to the south by the south of Jin Sha Dong Lu (about 80m away), and on the north by the area defined by Zhu Jiang Lu to Zhu Jin Er Heng Lu, with both eastward and southward extension along the axis, totaling a land area of about 1.35 sqkm.


2. Design contents: With TOD concept at the core, propose forward-looking and implementable design scheme for the key urban design scope of the hub area in line with the principles of station-city integration, effectiveness, convenience, multi-level, mixed-use and multi-dimensional development, as well as livable and business-friendly environment. Provide detailed design for the integrated development of the Project in terms of functional organization, traffic organization, spatial form, public space and landscaping. Propose refinement design for the traffic hub and traffic organization in consideration of possible traffic facilities to be introduced in the future. Propose further node design and control and renewal instructions with higher implementability.


3. Detailing level: urban design and detailed guidelines up to the detailing level of the constructive detailed plan. Prepare one physical model (scale: 1:1000) for this design scope.


III. Organization Structure and Method


The Competition is hosted by Shantou Municipal People’s Government and organized by Shantou Municipal Natural Resources Bureau. The latter will take charge of competition organization, technical coordination, fee payment and other relevant work.


The International Competition Committee for the Urban Design of Shantou Station Passenger Terminal and Surrounding Area (hereinafter referred to as the “International Competition Committee”) will serve as the decision-making organization. It will be responsible for coordination, guidance, supervision and examination work and exercise decision-making power on major matters arising during the Competition.


IV. Competition Method


(I) Competition form


The Project implements a mechanism of international competition, where an announcement will be released on the official website to call for the registration of international and local design firms (or consortia). The International Competition Committee will organize a selection meeting to shortlist 6 competitive design firms (or consortia) as officially invited competitors from all prequalified registered applicants. Each competitor can only submit one design proposal; design proposals submitted by uninvited design firms (consortia) will be rejected. The programme design will last 60 days.


(II) Evaluation method and fees


1. Evaluation method


(1) Selection of competitors: The International Competition Committee will establish an expert evaluation committee which will  evaluate the registration documents submitted by all prequalified applicants and select 6 officially invited competitors.


(2) Selection of winners: After the submission of competition programme, the competition committee will organize experts to review 6 competition plans and recommend 3 winning plans.


(3) Selection of the detailed design company: The International Competition Committee will finalize a competitor for detailed design in view of the design proposal, service level and fee proposal after meeting discussion and negotiation.


2. Fees


1Design stipendPayment method: If the officially invited competitors submit the Bid Documents as per the requirements of the Technical Documents, and such Bid Documents meet the competition requirements upon review, they will receive RMB 1 million Yuan (including tax, agent service fee, design fee and other related fees; the same below) as design stipend. Those who fail to pass the technical review or whose Bid Documents are considered invalid won’t be granted the design stipend.


(2) Pize: The three winning competitors will each additionally receive a prize of RMB 1.2 million Yuan.


(3) The detailed design fee : The detailed design fee will reach a maximum of RMB 2.35 million Yuan.


NoteDesign stipend, prize and detailed design cost of this Competition will all be paid in Chinese yuan, and the Competitors should provide domestic tax invoices when applying for relevant payments. In case the Competitor or its members are legal entities registered outside China without RMB account for payment collection, a third party may be authorized to receive the payment on the Competitor’s behalf. In this case, the Organizer will sign a Tripartite Agreement with the overseas competitor and its authorized agency.


V. Competition Period


The Competition period lasts from September 2019 (Beijing Time, the same below) to December 2019. The specific schedule is as follows:


(I) September 5- 24, registration


(II) September 27, announcement of the list of invited competitors


(III) September 30, release of the Technical Documents, and organization of technical clarification meeting and site visit.


(IV) November 29, deadline for submission of the final design deliverables.


(V) In early December, organization of technical review meeting and design evaluation meeting, and release of the results.


(The above schedule is subject to the official notice)


VI. Registration Requirements


(I) Eligibility

1. 欢迎具有国内外大型枢纽站、站城一体规划设计?#23548;?#32463;验的设计单位独立或组成联合体报名参?#21360;?#20013;国境内设计单位须具有独立法人资格,具备住建部颁发的有效的城乡规划?#20934;?#36164;质;境外设计单位须为在所在地合法注册的设计机构,为?#32321;?#23545;竞赛内容的准确理解,竞赛团队应至少一名通晓中文的人士;若联合体双方均为境内单位,则联合体主体具有?#20934;?#36164;?#22987;?#21487;;若境内与境外单位组成联合体,境内单位须具备城乡规划?#20934;?#36164;?#30465;?#21516;一法定代表人的不同机构(含全资子公司及其控股公司),不得同时报名参与本国?#31034;?#36187;项目。

1. Independent design firms or consortia with practical experience in planning and design of large hub stations and station-city integration projects both at home and abroad are encouraged to participate in the Competition. A local design firm must be an independent juristic person that has valid Class A qualification certificate in urban-rural planning issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. An international design firm must be a legally registered design organization in its locality, and have at least one member who is versed in Chinese in its team to ensure correct understanding of the Competition contents. If the members of a consortium are both local, only the leading member is required to provide the said Class A qualification. In case a consortium consists of both domestic and overseas members, the domestic member must have Class A qualification in urban-rural planning. Different organizations with the same legal representative (including wholly-owned subsidiaries and their holding company) are not allowed to register for the Competition at the same time.


2. Consortia are acceptable in the Competition. There will be no restriction on the number of consortium members.


(II) Registration method


1. Applicants must email the completed registration form (the form may be emailed first) and registration documents (affixed with signature and corporate seal) to the Competition Organizer email by the registration deadline.


2. The hardcopy registration form and the registration documents (one set, in A4 booklet form) should also be delivered or posted to the Competition Organizer by the registration deadline.


(III) Registration deadline


The registration deadline is 5:00 pm of September 24, 2019 in Beijing Time (subject to the receipt time of the hardcopy). Late delivery will be rejected.


VII. Other Matters



All documents and correspondences during the Competition shall be written in Chinese.

The laws of the People’s Republic of China shall be applicable to the competition work itself and all relevant documents.


In case of any discrepancy between the Announcement and the Technical Documents, the later shall prevail.


VIII. Contact Method


Contact: Shantou Municipal Natural Resources Bureau


Address: 101, Chang Ping Lu, Shantou, Guangdong Province


Tel: 0754-88787935


Contact Person: Mr. Zhuang

联系邮箱:[email protected]

   Email: [email protected]

附件1 规划范围图

附件2、3 报名登记表与报名文件


Shantou Municipal Natural Resources Bureau


September 5, 2019

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